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Barcelona Modernist walking tour
Barcelona Roman Tour

The origin of Barcelona lies in the foundation of the so-called Barcino by the Romans. Many of the Roman streets are still in use and the perimeter of what it was the wall is one of the axes of the Old Town. Romans or Latin gave the main cultural traits of the Catalans, as their language and the first trades with olive oil and wine.  

The persecution of early Christians by the Roman authorities will be followed with some stories of Martyrs, as St. Eulalia. The devotion to that teenager Saint will be pinpointed in the different corners of the many narrow streets. The first invasions of Barbarian People will help us to introduce us into the early Middle Ages. From then onwards, Visigoths, Muslim and Franks, all of them left their seed and their stone overlapping within the perimeter of that Roman Barcino.


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